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A potted history

The cabin has been operating in some form or another since 1988. It began life in a trailer next to the castle to provide tea, coffee and crab rolls.

In 1990 it moved down the hill to its present location. This coincided with Sophie taking over the running of it. Over the years that followed, the reputation of the cabin grew and grew, with it becoming an annual fixture for many visitors to the area.

This growth in popularity, combined with the increasing antiquity of the caravan, meant it was necessary to construct a new cabin in 2008. Sticking to our roots, the new building is in fact an old trailer, albeit disguised under the woodwork. The addition of an awning allowed for some shelter on those rare occasions when the weather is less than clement.

For those who are prepared to venture off the beaten track the cabin offers tranquillity combined with fresh, well-prepared seafood.

Sustainable sourcing

Fish is best served fresh. So all our key menu items are sourced from local suppliers. This is also in line with our ambition to support sustainable marine harvest.

Langoustine - creel caught (rather than trawled) in the Kilbranan Sound

Salmon - prepared and smoked by the Skipness Smokehouse

Oysters and Scallops - Loch Fyne Seafarms

Kippers - smoked in Tarbert, Loch Fyne

Mussels - sourced through an independent fishmonger in Tarbert. All mussels are harvested on the West Coast of Scotland

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